Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Icon Face Drawing Class: This Saturday 8/23

An icon face is composed of a) lines and b) shapes of light.
In this class we will focus on drawing the lines of an icon face.
An icon face is a symbolic representation in paint of a human being radiating a state of divinized consciousness.  These images of humans in states of higher realization help us and others in this temporal dimension to become more open to higher awareness.
We will learn the geometry, placement and form of the lines of the divinized, enlightened face.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Upcoming August Workshops: Portsmouth, NH 

Sacred Geometry and Sacred Faces”  

Drawing Faces from
Traditional Christian and
Buddhist Iconography 

-In this one day workshop participants
will learn to draw the faces of Christian
Icons (choosing from Jesus, Mary, Angels
and Saints) and the face of the Buddha.

-Students will begin by learning to use a
compass and straight edge to lay out the
underlying geometric grids (mandalas) which guide the proportions and placement of lines in Christian Icons and Buddhist Thangkas. 

-Sacred geometry was the basis for much ancient art, including both Christian and Buddhist painting. For artists and non-artists of all levels: a meditative approach to drawing sacred images. Limited to 5 students. 

Date: Saturday, August 23 Time: 9am to 5pm Place: Button Factory, studio 211A, Portsmouth, NH Cost: $80 (all materials provided) 

“Fresco Painting

A true fresco is made by painting with pure pigments
mixed with water onto fresh, still-wet lime plaster. As
the plaster dries the pigments become a permanent part of the surface. The
chemical reactions produce permanent, luminous colors that continue to deepen over time.
Fresco was the preferred medium for wall painting by the Egyptians, Romans, Renaissance artists, and in India. 

In this one and a half day workshop students will complete a small portable fresco painting, using the traditional fresco technique and materials.
Students can bring a design of their own to work from, or use one of the designs that will be provided.
Limited to 5 students. 

Dates and times: Friday, August 29 (4pm to 6pm) and Saturday, August 30 (9am to 5pm)
Place: Button Factory, studio 211A, Portsmouth, NH  Cost: $135
Contact me for more info: Sean Kramer ofegypt2001@yahoo.com 802-310-1707 


This is a Syrian style icon. The red background is hand-ground cinnabar.